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 Forex Grid EA Trading system v3.3 


Tired of constant losses during manual trading? Don’t have enough time to sit, watch and analize your charts? This software might be just for you!  Even good technical analysis does not always work the way you expect and market always brings you surprises which almost every time leads you to losses. In our long experience with Forex markets we have noticed that strict rules and mathematics works best. In order to have constant profit in those markets one must understand at least basic laws of probabilities as well as create logic strategy using them. Not good at math but want to win against this everyday changing market? This software will do the job for you – all automated!

Introducing you to our long waited absolutely fresh project – Grid EA. We where working hard for the last 2 years of developing and testing our latest EA. As we gained a lot of success with our last project which was mainly focused to hedging and breakouts we have developed a lot of experience in special calculations and formulas which leads to even more safe, stable and profitable software. We have made a lot of testing and updates to this Grid EA

core during last years, so we could offer you most stable and safe release with completely new strategy using Grid Trading system. EA was tested in various market conditions to prove its stability. We have pushed this product  to the limit, created some hard situations like unexpected server disconnections, platform shut downs, tested it on news as well as different time frames and Grid EA held just fine with all that. This product will absolutely fit to all new entry level traders as well as all the professionals which uses bigger lot sizes to gain bigger profits. Grid EA is mainly focused on mathematical calculations and probabilities, so it does not care too much about the market trends, news and all other difficulties which often confuses new traders. This Grid EA basically can start trading any time and any pair you wish, the only thing it needs is just moving price and some time, the rest market and EA will do. Just leave it on sit back and let the software do its job.


As for the testing we have chosen Gbp/Jpy pair since it usually moves a lot and we could get some profit faster than with slower pairs. Test was performed on live account using our partners PaxForex broker. Initial balance was as low as $100. We left this final EA release to work on its own for about one month and it gained more than 100% of profit per month using single chart and fixed 0.01 micro lot size. This Grid EA does not use any kind of martingale strategy! Bellow you can see EA performance on live account statement. Software was running every day for one month and it is still running with successful profits (we are updating this information, please follow our social networks to get latest information and updates).

Live account history statement. 

What makes this EA so special, safe, stable and profitable?

  • New source code which draws you a special channels and puts there pending orders
  • User interface which lets easily control the Grid EA
  • Complex and fully automated Hedging system built into the source code, which makes this EA very safe in all market conditions
  • Special memory file system. EA creates special log files from which, if needed EA backs it self up, if platform has crashed or connection was lost
  • Fully customizable settings to make EA trade anyway you like
  • Smart Lot size and risk management system gives you full control of how much you want to risk with the EA
  • Possible to trade in multiple pairs at the same time which minimizes the risk and can produce even more profit

Please take a look at the EA’s presentation and overview video:

How does it work?

As we all know Hedging strategies requires huge precision and accuracy. This is why EA does it better than human. Main secret of this Grid EA that it uses pending orders. At the moment when you start this Grid EA, it will immediately begins placing pending orders across your chart in both directions, so the price will never have a change to escape. You don’t have to worry which side price will move, because you will already have your trades set and ready, waiting for the price action to hit them. Now, main confusing thing about this our unique strategy is that we trade in opposite way. Why? Because it is the only way to gain profit from always chaotic and unpredictable Forex market. It may sound a bit confusing for the first time, but try to read this information carefully and the knowledge about this system should come to you pretty soon.


Grid EA Mode 1

Grid EA Mode 1

So how it really works? At first Grid EA will put you in the middle of chart/price – creates a channel. It does not care which side market is moving, because it will move sooner or later in upside or downside anyway. Since we don’t know where it will go, we put lets say 15 Sell pending orders to the top side from our current price and 15 Buy orders to the bottom side. Now you have a Grid on your chart full of orders waiting to be executed. You may set, lets say 40 pips space in between those trades (you may change those parameters anyway you like in settings window). So the trades will be separated with 40 pips size gaps. Now, You must be asking your self how can we gain any profit if we have opposite trades all over the chart? The answer is simple: retracements! Remember market never moves infinitely to one or other side, it will always sooner or latter must have a correction. When it happens market will turn back and all of your opposite positions will became profitable, EA will calculate all of the loss and winning ratio by its self, and when total profit/loss will be the amount that you put in the target field(lets say $10) EA will close all the trades with profit.

Grid EA

Grid EA

Now, for safety reasons in case of news or important levels, the first two trades in the starting channel will be to normal side, you will have one Buy if the market goes up and one Sell if market goes down. This way when you will be collecting opposite trades and wait for the retracement, you will always have at least one trade for safety which will balance up your floating loss. Remember, when trading Hedge, EA will always have floating loss, but any chaotic movement (which is guarantied to happen) will bring you to profit very fast and safe. There is one more safety feature in this EA, recently discovered by one of our developers. It will add an extra space between each trades, for example: if you put 40 pips to the parameter called spaceBetweenTrades, and 10 pips to next field called extraSpacer, EA will add extra 10 pips space between each trade. Like: first space will be 40 pips, second 50 pips, third 60 pips and so on… Whats the point? It works like a filter protecting you from any extra unnecessary trades which may occur during the news, some unexpected spikes, etc… This will also save you equity and will use less margin. All of those things will begin to be more clear when you start trading ant watching chart on your own.

UPDATE v3.1: With version v3.1 we have improved this Grid EA and added parameter called entryMode. For those who are uncomfortable using EA against the trend, now you will be able to reverse the EA trading process in anyway you like. For example, if you use entryMode=1 EA will trade against the market by putting Buy orders in bottom and Sell orders in top side. If you use entryMode=2 EA will trade with the trend, buy putting Buy orders in top side and Sell orders in bottom side. This might be very useful option to have. Why? The answer is that different pairs act differently.

Some are more chaotic, some are more stable and reacts much better to the trend. For example EUR/USD pair has lowest spread, but it is very unstable, unpredictable and chaotic, market likes to check its support and resistant levels and sometimes more then once, this is why for such pair would be wise to use entryMode=1. If we take a look at pair let say GBP/JPY, it looks that it moves more smoothly, also it has much bigger moving volume then other pairs. Also this pair usually has bigger spread, so it means that trades are more expensive, but lets say thats the penalty of this pair predictability. To wrap it up, this function is very usefully for any user trading style, lets user choose trading style according to market movements, its better for pairs who moves in big volumes in short period of time. In version 3.1 we have also added CalculateSwap function, sometime you will have long time orders for few days, it is good idea to calculate all the swap you had during that time. So this might be very useful tool to achieve even bigger and faster profits.

UPDATE v3.2this version includes LotAdd parameter. You can use this if you want to get your profits faster by increasing Lot size with each pending order. For example: this means that if you put 0.01 in LotAdd field your first trade above or below your channel will be 0.01, second 0.02, third 0.03 and so on… This way you will get more trading power when the market is not moving very much. Warning! This might be harmful for smaller balance accounts, please calculate the values according to your account size and use it on your own risk. In order to switch this function off, simply put 0 in this field, EA will use fixed lot size for all orders.

UPDATE v3.3added reverseCenter option. This way it is possible to choose reverse or not the first two trades in the center channel.

Note: all users who already own older versions, new versions will be provided for free!

Confused? Don’t give up!

So, we are sure that all of that sounds a bit confusing at first glance. That is completely normal, we have been developing this system few years. And we know how it is hard to understand everything. This is why we have created very informative visual market info display so you could track every process that EA does. Also to have full and easy control, we have made even the user interface for you. You will have a lot of trades with this Grid EA and to close them manually would take a lot of effort for you. This is why we have made buttons for you in the bottom of the info display. You can close all of your trades whenever you want by just pressing one button, if you wish to continue trading after that, just press another button to restart the EA and it will start a new cycle again.

Copyright to

We know that all of this information is not enough to explain all the system and how it works. Plus, we cannot reveal all our secrets here, because it is our unique authority work, and we don’t want that our great ideas would be copied or stolen from us. So we created special users manual guide for you. You will find there all the information and explanation for each parameter that this EA has. Each field is explained, what it does and how it would effect your trading. You may Download it and read here for free:



Click to Download and read the user manual guide for this new exclusive EA.

                               Want to test it?

We are so sure that you will like it, but for those who want test it on tester or demo account we have released demo version. Please note that this version will not trade on live accounts. Also most of the settings are disabled for this version. Default settings will be used.

Every version of our software is able to trade with any time frame and any currency pair as well as stocks, metals etc..  All our EA’s can even trade multiple pairs at the same time separated by magic number. The software has special memory system which creates memory files and logs the trading process, so you never lose your trading cycle in case of platform crash or any connection problems.

Like it, want it?

Start earning profit at the professional level. Get your own copy of: Grid trading System EA. We strongly recommend to test your settings on back tester and demo before you run it live! There are 2 .set files and users manual guide included – so you don’t have to worry if you do not understand all the terms of settings! EA is available in various options to Buy:

1. Independent rental version. You will be able to use this version on any broker which uses MT4 platform with limited time license. Warning, this version will be locked to your trading account, and will work only with you own trading account, so nobody can use it or stole ir from you. Please click here for information about how to enter your trading ID.

1 month version.


3 months version.


 1 account number. Any broker version. 1 account number. Any broker version.


6 month version. 


 1 Year version.


1 account number. Any broker version.  1 account number. Any broker version.


2. You can use our partner PaxForex offer and get this software for half price! All you have to do is register to this broker first, and then buy it from here. EA will only work with PaxForex life time. We have tested this and all other our products on this broker and still working with them. It is fully compatible, and all traders from all countries are welcome to Join – You will not disappoint! Click here to begin registration. Warning this version will be locked to your trading account, and will work only with you own trading accounts, so nobody can use it or stole ir from you. Please click here for information about how to enter your trading ID.

PaxForex version. Half price!

  1. You must register to PaxForex first
  2. Buy this version
  3. Provide us your trading number or proof that you registered over our page
  4. We will send the compiled EA for you

Click here for registration instructions.

 Unlimited accounts. Will work only on PaxForex broker.  Life time.


3.  Independent version. Unlimited Full versions. Want to take it serious? This version is for you. With it you will be able to use as many accounts as you wish. Any broker.

1-Year version. 

Unlimited accounts Lifetime version.

 Up to 3 accounts. Any broker. 1-Year license.  Unlimited accounts. Any broker. Life time. Buy, download and use it instantly!


Users who already own this EA, please contact us with your purchase invoice and we will be happy to send You the latest version if you have older one.

Enjoy, and happy trading!

If you have any problems or questions feel free to fill up the contact form

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  1. Anthony Mott

    hi my name Anthony I really like the grid trading system how much do we have to have in our account to do the Grid system for the buyup and the sell down ?

    1. admin 1

      Hi, it depends on you lot size. Notice that the orders type is pending so it does not take any margin to be opened.


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