Forex Scalping EA Strategy System v3.0 [Updated]

Scalping EA

Forex Scalping EA Strategy System v3.0


This time we would like to introduce you with our Forex Scalping EA Strategy. It is new exclusive EA that includes fully automated scalping system for any currency pair. This EA is specifically designed for small time frames such as: M1, M5, M15, M30… It is great for forex beginners because it can work with small accounts and lot sizes starting as low as $50. You can start trading with micro lots such as 0.01 and grow up your account. (Check the video for presentation).

This  version  comes with great new features such as:
  • Great more informative info display
  • New bugs and lags free source code core
  • Scalping trend sensitivity adjustment
  • EA featured with full settings and reverse system
  • Customizable lot size management

Check out our latest version video presentation:

Click for old version video

Scalping EA

version 3.0 settings


Lots of settings: You can customize this Scalping EA Robot for your needs. You can change settings such as trading time, reverse the system and much more. You don’t need to track the market all the time and wait for the important levels to come in anymore, let the EA do it for You!

This Forex scalping strategy robot can trade fully automated, you just need to set it up, put it on your favorite currency pair chart, choose the time frame you like, sit back and watch how it does its job. It has compact, but fully adjustable EA properties control. It is a great tool start for beginners to jump into auto trading. If you don’t know how to set up this EA don’t worry – there is .set file included and users manual guide so you have everything you need to get started!





Check the back test results. In this test period Scalping EA produces no draw downs, the win ratio is 100%. Even with such a small account size with $100 initial deposit EA keeps stable and gains ~100% profit per month.
Also we use our unique way to control the risks – when auto trading. You can choose how You would like to control the lot size management. It is possible to turn on or off lot rising mechanism.

Scalping EA

New version Info and control display

Every version of our software is able to trade with any time frame and any currencie pair as well as stocks, metals etc.. This EA will work with all the brokers that will support MT4 trading platform. All our EA’s can even trade multiple pairs at the same time separated by magic number. The software has special memory system which creates memory files and logs the trading process, so you never lose your trading cycle in case of platform crash or any connection problems.

ATTENTION!: This is new Scalping EA version v3.0! 

This new EA includes latest list of settings and new money management info display. We have created very informative visual market info display so you could track every process that EA does. Also to have full and easy control, we have made even the user interface for you. You will be able to close all the trades EA made whenever you want with only single click, also you can restart the EA and start the trading process again. Scalping EA Version 3.0 also comes with new updated system core, which gives you even more stability and accuracy.

We have also created special users manual guide for you. You will find there all the information and explanation for each parameter that this EA has. Each field is explained, what it does and how it would effect your trading.

You may Download it and read here for free




Start earning profit at the professional level. Get your own copy of: Scalping Strategy System EA v3.0. We strongly recommend to test your settings on back tester and demo before you run it live ! There is 1 .set file and users manual guide included – so you don’t have to worry if you do not understand all the terms of settings!

Enjoy, and happy trading!


 Price now $79.90! 

Full version. Life time license for any broker!

 pp1 creditcard

Users who already own this EA, please contact us with your purchase invoice and we will be happy to send you this new version for free. Version v3.0 which includes new fixes and features:

– Added EntryMode parameter to select trading style(reverse possibility)
– New intelligent source code core
– New user interface control buttons
– New security settings for stability
– Fixed JPY pairs support
– Fixed Memory file system bugs
– Updated System Core

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  1. admin 1

    Hello, you mean how much profit per day with 90k deposit? Hard to say depends on market, could be around in 500-2000$ range per day…

  2. okan yüksel

    bende scalping ea I want to buy an average of $ 90,000 deposit how much money per day

  3. admin 1


    You will get life time licence with unlimited accounts number, but only for personal using. Sharing our EA’s is illegal and against the law.


    I have 5 real account . Can I buy one lisence for setting up on 5 real account ?

  5. admin 1


    All information how to load .set file you could find here:

  6. mihae

    hi i bought product
    but how to open set files?

  7. admin 1


    You will get .set file which is like recommendation of the parameters.

  8. chhunlychheng

    If I buy this EA, will you provide all setting tips or something else?

  9. admin 1


    We used time frame M15, currency pairs EUR/USD and GBP/JPY. You will get .set file which is recommendation of the parameters.

  10. Onuorah Benjamin

    I will like to purchase one…what time frame is the best and what pair would you advice on…

  11. admin 1

    Sure, please contact us.

  12. lungani

    I’m certain I need this the Scalping strategy system v3.0 EA but at $79 can I have a discount of $9.90

  13. admin 1


    Please contact with us by email: and we will let you know about download details.

  14. le huy vu

    I want to buy an EA V3.0.

  15. admin 1


    We are ready to help you. Our email:

    Thank you!

  16. Shoaib Ahmed


    I interested in EA, however have lot of questions related to this. Could you please get in touch with me for more clarifications.

    Shoaib Ahmed

  17. admin 1


    All the data from the video was taken from the live account, EA has been tested many months.

  18. Garth Richardson

    Alot of people say that there EA works or is the best what proof can I that your EA really works

  19. admin 1

    We accept payments only via Paypal, Skrill and credit card.

  20. Lesley Shomongula

    I will want to purchase this ea but i only use Netteller

  21. admin 1


    After purchase You will get the EA, .set files and Users manual guide with all technical meanings in one archive.

  22. Natasha Diedericks

    Can you please share a set file that works as I’m not feeling good about this ea after purchasing it.

  23. best forex robot, work good, profitable ea, best ea,100%profit,world best ea,expertadvisorfor forex

  24. admin 1

    Works on anything whats related with MT4.

  25. Joseph

    Would it work on ECN account?
    My Live account has prefix i attached with currencies…
    Would it still work?

  26. admin 1

    Thanks, exactly!

  27. I just bought this EA and it works great. You just need to know how to set properly the settings.

  28. admin 1

    It will support any broker which has MT4 platform.

  29. admin 1

    Hi look at our latest EA, it will do the job.

  30. admin 1

    Updates are not to often, EA core is stable. But any updates for our customers are free. All settings are explained in manual guide, manual lot sizing is also available in version v2,0

  31. Jonny

    Hi. How often do you update the EA? Do you contact subscribers with new version? New version upgrade free for purchasers? Recommended pairs? And best performing TP & SL settings? Manual lot sizing available? Thanks in advance.

  32. sekhar

    I want hedging strategy EA,which is first one

  33. sekhar

    Hi Sir, I am from India, I have account in forex4money. Is your EA support my account?.

  34. admin 1

    Hello, it is still working. Works with any broker and any pair as well.

  35. Dustin

    Hi is this ea still profitable does it work on multiple pair currencies and work on roboforex and avatrade brokers

  36. admin 1

    Any pair will work with this.

  37. Thebe

    Hi I just wanted to know?

    Does it only work on eurusd?

    I am interested to buy it

  38. admin 1

    Hi, just mail us with your invoice and we will send you this version.

  39. Saiful

    I already hv to update to v2?

  40. admin 1

    Hi, we are still running it till this day. It runs prety stable. If you want to pay via Skrill please contact us for payment details.

  41. admin 1

    Hello, same settings will be provided as used in video. Also one extra for testing puspuses. Good luck and Happy trading !

  42. ben wellstood

    What settings are you using in the video please?

  43. Bojan

    Hi. Does this EA still works as described in the video from 2 years ago? And I don’t see that I can pay with Skrill.

  44. admin 1

    Yes, all inside the package.

  45. Sunny Ho

    Will I get any starting setup file and any full manual for my trying on other forex pairs?

  46. admin 1

    No its not. There is smart lot mechanics but it can be turned off.

  47. Beto

    Hi, before I buy it I have an important question at least for me. Is this EA based on a martingale strategy?

  48. admin 1

    Hello, all accounts as long as for personal use only.

  49. Ross

    $39 only for one account or for all account?

  50. admin 1

    Hello, at the moment price with discount is 39.90$. You will get it with life time license for personal use only. Any account and broker which supports MT4.

  51. Kenny

    Hi, May I know how much for this software? And how much for subscription fees?

  52. admin 1

    Yes sure, it works with any broker which support MT4 platform.

  53. Nouman Latif

    i want to know one more thing that can i use it with every broker?

  54. admin 1

    There are usually at least one or two .set files included as well as users manual guide to get it started.

  55. aj

    if i purchase this EA,
    Do you guys provide the settings and input as well or just the blank EA

  56. admin 1

    Hello, sure it is working like all the other product available on our website. Only here you can get original and latest versions. If needed EA gets updates and all our users gets them for free. Regards and Happy trading!

  57. I see you test 2015 now in 2017 it is still working robot?

  58. admin 1

    Sure, thats possible please contact us via contact page, we will be glad to give you payment details. Regards

  59. admin 1

    Hello, sure you can use it for multiple terminals.

  60. Kay

    Hi, can I use it for multiple terminal? Or it’s only for one terminal trading?

  61. saul treviño

    i want to pay via skrill help me

  62. admin 1

    Hello, we offer this product with discount at the moment. Or you can visit our promotions page in order to get some good deals or discounts for our products.

  63. saul treviño

    i want it

  64. admin 1

    Sure, please contact us via contact form and we will arrange it for you.

  65. saul treviño

    i want to pay via skrill

  66. admin 1

    Hello, it comes with ex4 format.

  67. Dan

    Does EA come with MQL file or ex4? Looks promising and I’ll be making a purchase.

  68. Mike

    I would love to have this EA

  69. admin 1

    Hello, thank you. Yes this EA has trailing stop available.

  70. Steven

    I am interested in subscribe this EA, I would like to know this EA has trailing stop.

    Looking forward to receiving your reply.

    Thanks and Merry Christmas.

  71. admin 1

    You can try with that much only use small lot size.

  72. Muziwandile

    Hi to use this robot i need atleast 100usd or thats too risky?

  73. admin 1

    Hello, glad you like it. You may change EA sensitivity by changing sensitivity parameter in settings window.

  74. Bhakti

    I bought this EA and performing well. By the way, the sell and buy position based on MA 50 right? How to change it?

  75. admin 1

    All depends on market conditions plus your settings and lot size as you mentioned.

  76. Kage

    Is is possible in a $1000 to make between 25-50% per day , obviously taking into consideration lot sizes , leverages etc ?

  77. admin 1

    Simply press Buy Now button in credit cards section and follow the instructions.

  78. Kamal

    How can buy the EA with my master card? please let me know.

  79. admin 1

    Yes sure.

  80. Mohd fauzi

    Is it possible to trade on big news such as Nfp, Fomca etc…?

  81. admin 1

    EA suitable for all pairs.

  82. muslihin

    which pair is more profitable if use this ea????

  83. admin 1

    Yes it does.

  84. mirul

    this EA have stop loose & money management system?

  85. admin 1

    Albertus, You could try, but it would be a bit risky.

  86. admin 1

    Andi, please check this link:

  87. albertus

    Hello,,i want this can i get this ea?

  88. andi

    could i start with initial deposit 50 usd ?

  89. admin 1

    As much as you want, as long as you use it for personal use only.

  90. Lee Jia Chuen

    how many live accounts can be used?

  91. admin 1

    Same settings will work just fine on all types.

  92. Ez

    ive purchased the EA and it works on my 5 digit broker but not my 4 digit broker…. How to do the setting for 4 digit broker? Help….

  93. admin 1

    You can run it on your PC if you want.

  94. Ayo

    Must I run the ea on a vps?

  95. admin 1

    Hello, as much as you want 🙂

  96. Lina

    Hello, how many live accounts allowed for using Forex Scalping Strategy System v1.4 EA?

  97. admin 1

    Yes it tracks the market changes, you can set how sensitive it is for changes.

  98. henry

    does it go along with the changes of the market of its being updated-

  99. admin 1


  100. Monir

    Hello, Forex Scalping Strategy System v1.4 EA do work in cent account?

  101. admin 1

    Yes sure, you we accept PayPal or Skrill payments.

  102. Luckt

    can i buy this EA via paypal

  103. admin 1

    Watch this video, might help:

  104. mil

    how to download this software?

  105. admin 1

    Sure you can use it for multiple pairs. You just need to separate them with magic number. All the instructions is included in users manual.

  106. Anonymous

    can it use on more corrency pair

  107. admin 1

    Sure, you will get it directly in to your email address or you will be able to download it directly from the site.

  108. Subhan

    Can I order this EA now?

  109. admin 1

    Hello, it is life time license.

  110. Thomas

    It one time fee or pay monthly?

  111. admin 1

    You will get lifetime license.

  112. admin 1

    Hello, you receive your files instantly after purchase is made.

  113. wannmodde

    how many days do i wait after payment made upon receiving the software for installation

  114. chimera

    i like to purchase 1 cant wait but before that, how many times can the same software be useable and can it be install to other computer(s) as we do change computers often. do the software need to be renewable annually or is it not.

  115. admin 1

    Hello, dont worry there is two .set files to get you going as well as detailed instructions for all the settings explained in pdf users manual.

  116. waseem mahmood

    i have no experience in trading, i dont understand any terms, will this tool help me?

  117. admin 1

    Yes, spread does not matter…

  118. Anonymous

    is it working with floating 0.2 on eurusd?

  119. admin 1

    Yes sure.

  120. alvin

    is it possible work for variable spread broker?
    my broker eurusd spread 1.8pips

  121. Pep

    Hello, i,m thinking to purshase this robot. Seems to be great.

  122. Anonymous

    Thanks !!

  123. admin 1

    Hello, glad you like it. You can set Target to zero, and use your take profit for each pair. Good luck!

  124. Denys

    Really enjoying these EA, but a simple question how do I turn off Equity stop in the global status?

  125. admin 1

    Hello, sure. It can trade any session any market. Also any time, and on news as well. Good luck and happy trading!

  126. nidzam


    May I know trading market for this robot? asian, london, ny? And, does the robot knows the forex news calendar?

  127. admin 1

    Any type, any spread…

  128. admin 1

    Sure you can try 🙂

  129. agus

    can i start with minimal $50 deposit??

  130. Jose Carlos Maciel

    can be used in any type of account, account may be spread with?

  131. admin 1

    Hello, glad you like it. This is completely normal because there are time restrictions enabled. If you wish to trade more then one cycle per day you have to turn off the time settings. Please read the users manual for detailed instructions. Good luck!

  132. save

    Hello! great EA! But i have a question about Target option. It’s a daily Target? It’s worked well today in my account, but when it reached the target, no more position was opened in the day. I work on 5 minutes timeframe. When i closed and reopened metatrader, new positions was opened. Is correct this behaviour? Thanks!

  133. admin 1

    Hello, yes it will work in any leverage.

  134. muhd hanafi

    hello, can this robot work for any laverange? what the ideal?

  135. admin 1

    Hello, any time frame. All settings are explained in users manual. Magic number is to separate the EA if you trade more then one pair at the same time so they will not mix with each other.

  136. joe

    hello, what time frame does the ea work the best on? and what is magic number? is there magic numbers included with the instructions or something?

  137. admin 1

    Hello, no additional indicators needed for this EA, just put it on the chart and enjoy.

  138. binsy

    should we open certain indicators to run this ea? Or can We just set without any indicators shown on the platform?

  139. admin 1

    As you wish 🙂

  140. may I run this EA with default setting s instead using .set file

  141. admin 1

    Hello, you can try, why not 🙂

  142. Can I run this EA on small account s of 50 USD

  143. vijay

    Nice and profitable EA

  144. admin 1

    Yes, sure.

  145. Steve

    Can this EA be used on not just currency pairs but on metals and stocks?

  146. admin 1

    Hello, glad you like. Sure you can 🙂

  147. monday


    Your software seems to be wonderful. Just a quick one, if i purchase it, can i use it on several accounts whether live or demo accounts.

  148. Bart

    Very profitable robot Thanks!

  149. admin 1

    Hello, just set LotRise to false. Sure you can use fixed SL and TP sizes.

  150. orgas

    how to turn on or off lot rising mechanism? can the auto trading have default setting for stop loss and take profit? TQ

  151. admin 1

    Hello, sure you can use it. It will work even better on H1 I think because it will have better accuracy.

  152. Alberti


    You said that this EA is specifically designed for small time frames such as: M1, M5, M15, M30, but can I give it a try to use it on a H1 time frame?

  153. HuGoS

    I make profit on demo-stp 20$ per day.

  154. admin 1

    All our EA’s includes one .set file, so you could setup your EA easy if you do not understand all the technical terms. For further software using, we strongly recommend to test any new settings or new pair on back tester, as well as on demo account, before you run it live.

  155. Alberti

    annyone can help me setting this EA?

  156. admin 1

    Hello, Basano. You can use any number. Its for separating one EA from another if you use same on few pairs.

  157. Basano

    what is the magic number in settings?

  158. admin 1

    Glad you like it. Good luck and happy further trading!

  159. Gio

    It’s working perfect on demo and live accounts 🙂 Same settings. I’ve tested this one also on eur/usd

  160. jankeaw

    really nice and profitable ea

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