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Fully automated professional forex robot

Swing Trading Strategy

For MetaTrader 4

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Latest 2022 year product

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  • Type

    Expert Advisor (EA) - Fully automated Forex Robot for MetaTrader 4

  • Strategy

    Swing algorithm. Looks for oversold/overbought entries.

  • Time-Frame


  • Capital

    Minimum to start: $100 with 0.01 Lot - 1 pair. Recommended: $10000 0.1 Lot for multipair

  • Symbols To Trade

    Any Forex pair, Metals (Gold, Silver), Stocks, Commodities, Cryptos, etc.. Recommended high volatile symbols like GBP/JPY, Gold or similar

  • Features

    Full safety options, FIFO compatible, very user friendly and easy to use. Ready to trade on default settings. Reverse option. Adjustable simple settings TP/SL, MA period.

Stability: VERY HIGH
Risk: LOW
~ Drawdown
~ Profit/month


Swing Together with the Market

What is swing trading?

Swing trading is one of the most commonly used approaches in financial markets, such as Forex, stocks, and cryptocurrencies. This strategy involves capturing price movements or “swings” in markets over a few days, weeks, hours or even minutes. Swing trading is ideal in trending markets where traders can make the most of larger or higher price swings. 

Swing trading is one of the ideal approaches new Forex traders can try their hands at. But it involves striking at the right time to capture expected price movements before you can earn some profits and move on to the next trading opportunity, and this is where our Swing Trading Robot comes into play, which will monitor your charts 24/7 with pre-programmed advanced algorithms and never miss a perfect entry for you!

Swing Trading Strategies

How can I make money by swing trading?

Swing traders use different approaches in capturing Forex price movements anywhere from a couple of days to several weeks, some day traders will go even deeper to hours or minutes charts. They often use technical analysis and fundamental analysis to create trading strategies. But these days it is almost impossible to monitor all the charts and hop into position at perfect time, so professional traders usually use predefined swing strategies which are programed into automatic software. So there are multiple approaches traders usually go for:

  1. Technical analysis involves looking into the historical market data of assets like Forex pairs. This market data includes a symbol’s price and volume. Analyzing the previous market trends and patterns helps traders and investors predict future market behaviors. 
  2. Fundamental analysis involves studying an asset’s “fair market,” or real value, by examining its qualitative and quantitative factors, such as its market capitalization and other economic indicators. Unlike technical analysis that’s often used for predicting price movements, fundamental analysis is used to determine whether an asset’s price is overvalued or undervalued. 
  3. Auto Trading – Let the Swing Trading Robot do all the job for you!

✅ Swing Trading Robot features

  • 100 Moving Average filter

    All entry signals gets filtered by famous classic EMA 100 trend filter. (can be adjusted).

  • Heiken Ashi chart filter

    Swing Trading Strategy EA has Heiken Ashi candles smoothing encoded, so all unnecessary market noice gets filtered away and brings even more accurate entry points.

  • Advanced Trailing Stop Technology

    Our smart trailing stop system will constantly monitor your trades and will kick in as soon as possible to protect your trades from hitting stop loss. This way Swing Trading Robot will collect you even more profitable pips!

NOTE: If you buy Professional or Advanced versions, you will also find preset files for major trading symbols we have tested and saved best settings for you.

swing trading robot

All those components working together automatically, brings very clean and stable  trading results. This Swing Trading Strategy robot will first identify the trend by looking into Moving Average, then it confirms by Heiken Ashi bars, and only then enters the market. This proves to be very accurate system. Also using Heiken Ashi smoothed signals together with trailing stop, it is possible to catch very big trades! You don’t have to put indicators on your chart, robot has them encoded inside the core. EA also has all the safety options, like Maximum Lot allowed, Maximum Loss allowed etc.. The interface is informative and user friendly. Settings are simple and easily understandable for any trader. Each parameter and usage is explained in users manual guide.

Swing EA users manual guideClick to read users manual guide.

Ready to swing up some profits?

Start right away - 5 minutes setup


  • ✅ 1 Account Lifetime license
  • ✅ Free future updates
  • ✅ FIFO rules compatible
  • ❌ No .set files


€240 199
  • ✅ 9 Accounts Lifetime license
  • ✅ Ready to trade with default settings
  • ✅ Free future updates
  • ✅ Best value for the money
  • ✅ FIFO rules compatible
  • Extra .set files for 3 pairs EUR/USD, USD/JPY, GOLD

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  • ✅ 3 Accounts Lifetime license
  • ✅ Free future updates
  • ✅ Free future updates
  • ✅ FIFO rules compatible
  • 1 .set file for Gold

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