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Easy Reading With Examples And Pictures

1 Forex Book You Need

For Technical & Graphical analysis

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Learn Trading with pictures and examples

Best for Forex beginners

Forex Book – For those who like manual trading, or whish to get deeper into Forex Technical analysis, this book is just right for you. With this forex book you will learn how to recognize chart patters, basics of indicators usage. The Forex Book is good for Crypto trading too! Also all possible candle sticks patterns will be presented for you as well. After reading this book it will be much easier for you to understand our automatic strategies as well.


In the contents you will find topics like:

C h a p t e r 1: Candlestick Patterns.

Page. 6 What is a candlestick?
Page. 7 – 11 Bullish patterns
Page. 12 – 17 Bearish patterns
Page. 18 – 20 Bilateral patterns

C h a p t e r 2: Graphic Indicators.

Page. 22 What are technical indicators?

C h a p t e r 3: Chart Patterns.

P a g e. 31, 32 What is Support and resistance?
P a g e. 33 – 41 Bullish patterns
p a g e. 42 – 46 Bearish patterns
P a g e. 47 – 49 Bilateral patterns

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You will get your Forex book instantly after payment is done. Also we will send you the copy to your email adress. Your Forex Book in PDF formal will be also available for later download in your members area.


Trading Book

$ 10 / Lifetime
  • Lifetime access

✅ Trading Patterns recognition

✅ Bearish and Bullish market patters

✅ Candlesticks patters with pictures and examples

✅ Printable content included. Graphic + Candlesticks patterns

forex book

Includes 1 PDF Book, 52 pages.

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