Trend Signal Indicator v1.1

Trend Signal Indicator v1.1


We are happy to introduce our first indicator. This will provide you trading signals on your charts in real time. You will be able to get trading directions advices on any pair you like. We have calculated that this indicator is providing  up to ~81% wining trades. The profit range may vary from +20 to +200 pips and more, depends on time frame you use and market conditions of course. It will draw you an arrow telling you which direction the trade is reccomended.

This is not automatic trading software. By using indicators you can decide your self which lot sizes to use, as well as where to put your stop loss and take profit levels. So it will serve perfect for Forex beginners because this one will tell exactly where is recommended to open the trade. Also it is handy for advanced Forex traders because it’s possible to put more favorite indicators on the same chart and mix it with this one. By doing this you can take even stronger chance to have more wining trades than ever before.

How it works?

We have developed a new innovative way to provide you easy way to decide the trading direction. This indicator works with the special EA which contains a special set of market indication algorithms that was reliable for years. It is using some classic moving averages, HeikenAshi and some other indications to point you the direction. This product will produce you trading signals on your charts in real time. You will get detailed instructions in .pdf manual guide how to set up and install this indicator. It is a few simple and easy steps to get it going:

  • Download Trend Signal Indicator files for MT4
  • Install them into your MT4 directory – put EA file to “Experts” and indicator file to “Indicators” folders
  • Put the EA on any chart you like (or few at the same time). No settings needed for this EA
  • Leave the EA to watch the market
  • It will automatically will give you an alert and draw the arrow with the direction where trade is recommended

We Recommend!

  • Use this EA between M15 and H4 time-frame ranges. EA will automatically give you a warning when time-frame is too low or too high.
  • Set stop loss and take profit on important resistance levels. Make them mathematically logical, for ex. with standard ratio like 1:3 or 1:2. You can also wait for opposite signal and use it for exit point.
  • The smaller time-frame you use, the often the signal going to appear, but please keep in mind that the accuracy will be lower, because of bigger market noise. If you will increase time frame like to H1 or H4 you will get accurate strong signals which can bring you +200 or more pips of profit, but will occur rarely – like up to few times per week.
  • Put this EA on more than one currency pair to get more signals and more opportunities to trade.
  • Leave your platform always on and loaded with the EA, so you don’t miss any signal.

Enjoy, and happy trading!

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  1. Salah

    IS it repaint or not?
    when will open position after candle arrow close or what?

    1. admin 1

      It does not repaint. This is indicator, it will pop up with the alert when entry is recomended.


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