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Renko Scalper

Intelligent, Profitable, Easy & Safe


For MetaTrader 4

Renko Scalper

Simple, Profitable, Easy & Safe Trading System

Best Forex Robot

Presenting to you our long waited, tested and finally released Renko Scalping Strategy system. A fully automated trading system which will allow you to trade with any pair more clearly and easily then ever before. It will be perfect for beginners who want to grow their accounts fast as well as for professionals who wants to to trade multiple pairs with bigger accounts. Who doesn’t love Renko charts? They are not just great for removing the noise and stress from your trading, but also brings you clearness to your charts and easy understanding about the trend. Since Renko charts are very accurate when predicting the movements just from tracking the bars color, it is much easier to predict the trend direction as well. Combined with our Scalping Engine this Forex EA shows great results!

How does Renko Scalper works?

So how it really works? EA entry points are simple but effective. As you can see from the picture Scalper EA strategy contains Renko charts of 10 pips per bar and Simple Moving average of 100. Renko bars will be the main entry trigger, but it has to be confirmed by the best classical indicator – 100 simple moving average. Robot will never enter the market against the trend. EA will enter the market in such conditions:

  • SELL – Price is bellow the moving average, at least two red renko bars have formed in a row.
  • BUY – Price is above the moving average and at least two green bars have formed in a row.

EA by default uses 10 pips StopLoss.

You can also reverse EA to trade in opposite way. Scalper EA can also use trailing stop, so you could capture even the smallest profit. Looks simple right? It is very simple and easy, but very accurate and effective!

Renko Scalper EA

What is Renko Charts?

Renko charts are a chart type that only measures price movement, it does not have any sense of time! Only the price movement is important here, so all the unnecessary noise is filtered out. The word renko is derived from the Japanese word “renga” which means “bricks”. Not so coincidentally, renko charts are constructed from a series of bricks whose creation is determined by fluctuations in price. The concept of renko bars is very straightforward. First, the size of the bricks is pre-determined by the user. Once price moves more than the user defined “brick size” either above or below the most recent brick, a new brick is added to the chart. Look how much cleaner and nicer chart looks compared to simple candles chart:

Traders who use Renko charts typically do so because they are easy to use and interpret. They are also different than a typical candlestick chart because they filter out all other variables besides price movement. There are many uses for Renko Charts. Some of the more popular are; discovering basic support and resistance levels, breakouts, and generating signals with additional indicators.


renko scalper

What makes renko scalper so special?

  • ✅ Special Renko bars system which allows to run Expert Advisoros on the chart, usually its not possible to run the EA on Renko chart. Now its fully possible!
  • ✅ New intuitive user interface which lets easily control and track the trading processes of Renko Scalper EA
  • ✅ Possible to trade in multiple pairs at the same time which minimizes the risk and can produce even more profit


Every version of our software is able to trade with any time frame and any currency pair as well as stocks, metals etc..  All our EA’s can even trade multiple pairs at the same time separated by magic number. The software has special memory system which creates memory files and logs the trading process, so you never lose your trading cycle in case of platform crash or any connection problems.

As for the testing we have chosen GBP and JPY pairs since they usually moves more than others and we could get some profit faster. But it is also recommended to use it on low spread pairs such as EUR/USD. Test was performed on live account using our partners PaxForex broker. Initial balance was as low as $89. After one week of live trading we had more than 2 times bigger balance with 0 draw down! Which is about +100%/weekly or ~400% of profit per month.  Bellow you can see EA performance on live account statement. Software was running every day and it is still running with successful profits (we are updating this information, please follow our social networks to get latest information and updates). EA will come with same settings used for our live test by default.

renko scalper

Myfxbook statements

UPDATES list for this EA (click for details):

Version v1.0

First release.

Version v1.1

Added parameter “HedgeRatio”. Example: if you put 3 at that field, EA will never let the difference to be bigger than 3 trades in between sell and buy, like for ex.: it will only open max. x3 Buy versus x0 Sell, x4 Buy vs x1 Sell, 13 Buy vs 10 Sell and so on. This way you dont have too big difference ratio between two sides.

Version v1.2

Added Moving Average settings. Now it is possible to adjust it to any value. Also it is possible to switch it off and trade only according to Renko Bars color.

Version v1.3

Added spread protection.

Note: for all users who already own older versions, new versions is free! You can get the updated files by logging in to your account and re-downloading them from your dashboard.

  1. Go to: Login to My Account
  2. Click Downloads
  3. Re download your product

Like it, want it?

Start earning profit at the professional level. Get your own copy of: Renko Scalper EA. Robot is already adjusted in best settings, so you can use it on default settings, or change it by your own needs. Each parameter is explained in users manual guide. The package contains easy setup file which will automatically install and set up all needed components for your MetaTrader4 platform. You will be able to use your EA within a minutes as soon as you make a purchase!

Tip! Our software can be used worldwide with any broker which supports MetaTrader4 platform. However our robots and strategies works best with our recommended and tested partner PaxForex.com

  • 1 Account Lifetime
  • 3 Accounts Lifetime

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