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Market Strength Meter

Intelligent, Easy & Smart

Market Strength Meter

For Windows

Renko Scalper
Market Strength Meter

Not sure when its best to SELL or BUY? This will tool will tell you! This is a must have tool for any kind of trader. We have developed a very useful tool for Windows which shows real time market strength and represents it in nice user friendly interface. This program will help you to decide when to Buy or Sell whatever you are trading. It will also show when the market is flat and there is no reason to trade it. 

forex news app

It will also provide you the list of current day Forex News. You will receive desktop notifications when any new gets released. App will start notifying 8 minutes before the new comes out. With this app you will never miss any Forex events anymore!

You will be able to choose from any kind of symbols like Forex, Stocks, Indexes, Metals, Crypto currencies and many more… Each symbols values will be represented in nice and easy understandable gauges. It is even possible to set real time alerts for each symbol and minimize the app, the notification with sound will appear each time value you set has been reached. This way you dont have to watch app all the time.

Market Meter Gauges

It is very accurate because all time frames are calculated all the way from 1 minute to weekly bars. So even the tiniest movements will effect the gauges, but at the same time bigger time frames will be also considered, that way you always stay with the trend. Each symbol is being calculated then stored in our server where it is being refreshed each second and then represented directly to you via Market Strength Meter.

Forex News Service

Latest version also works as a personal news provider. You will receive the list of current day upcoming news. Each event will give you live notifications to your desktop. It will start to notify user 8 minutes before the news comes out. You will be able to adjust how long notification stays on your screen. Also there is a possibility to turn on/off notifications sound. With this app you will never miss any Forex news again!

What makes Market Strength Meter special?

With Market Strength Meter you will be able to set real time alerts. Click set alert on the symbol you want to be notified, set the value you want and you are done! Each time the value you saved is reached you will get notification message in the top right corner of your screen and the sound will alarm. You can change the values or turn them off anytime. 

UPDATES list for this EA (click for details):

Version v1.0

First release.

Version v1.1

News service with notification system has been added.

Note: for all users who already own older versions, new versions is free! You can get the updated files by logging in to your account and re-downloading them from your dashboard.

  1. Go to: Login to My Account
  2. Click Downloads
  3. Re download your product

The installation is like any other typical program, you will receive setup file after you make thees simple steps:

  • Choose the subscription plan you like
  • Make a payment
  • After payment is done you will be able to download the setup file and see your subscription ID
  • Write down your Subscription ID, you will need it for activation

You can also find your subscription ID in your account dashboard, just log in and click subscriptions. You will receive the email with your product details as well where you can also find your subscription ID. Lunch the application enter your ID (just numbers without hashtag) and the Email you used when checking out and you are done!

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Like it, want it?

Start earning profit at the professional level. Get your own copy of: Market Strength Meter. The package contains easy setup file which will automatically install and set up all needed components for you. You will be able to use your app within a minutes as soon as you make a purchase! 

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